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Interested in Learning How to Homeschool in Butte County? 

Visit Chico Homeschoolers at




Where secular homeschoolers 

join together to learn together

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What do you mean by
secular homeschooler?

family-led education that is not rooted in a specific religion. 

  • Secular simply means "not overtly or specifically religious" according to Merriam-Webster.

  • The co-op leaves religious instruction to the family. 

Ways to Participate

We have 2 ways to participate in the Chico Homeschool Co-op. Families can attend homeroom along with Enrichment Classes & Activities. 


Homeroom is a weekly co-op gathering with various class options. All classes are led or co-led by co-op members. Parents join in the learning process attending classes together with their kids and helping as needed. This is not a drop-off activities. It is a place for the whole family to learn and build community. 

Classes & Activities

These are classes and activities co-op families offer.  Families leading the activity choose the topic and set the time.  These can range from gardening workshops to Spanish classes to guitar class to hikes.  The possibilities are endless. Parents create classes based on their skills, interests, and needs.


One of these activities is a weekly co-op park day where kids get to play and parents get to connect. Attending a co-op park day is the first step for families interested in joining the co-op.

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